Rossco's Magical Mystery Mustang Cruise Sunday 21st Feb 2016

Well Rossco has certainly done it again! Sunday morning saw 12 brave, inquisitive and enthusiastic mustang crews turn up at Bentley Plaza full of optimism (and fear) at the day's events that were about to unfold. We were told we needed a devious mind, sharp wit and a keen eye for detail and that the mustang club, or Rossco, would not be held responsible for any divorce proceedings that might follow.
For some of us, being first timers experiencing Rossco's now legendary and cryptic instructions, we put the bit between the teeth and set off in hot pursuit at the chance to claim glory by just completing the course and collecting the mystery items along the way. From the get go, cars were seen heading off in all directions…..some lost, some following the car in front, and others clearly using devious and tactical measures.
The path took us from Bentley, through Welshpool and Burswood to Wireless Hill where some physical activity was required climbing the tower and counting the steps. There was again questionable tactics employed by some crews throwing red herrings as to the actual count of the steps!
From Wireless hill down through Freo and onwards to the final destination being Manning Park.
Greg and …… were the first to arrive, however it was noted that the final street sign "Bailey St" was missing and was rumoured to be located in the Boot of Greg's Car! This caused obvious confusion and missed turns with the finish line in sight. An investigation was called for by numerous other crews only to be denied.
Crews arrived one by one in reasonably good time……except for one crew? It appears that Maxine and Jeff had made a slight detour and were on the wrong path somewhere near Rockingham before making the necessary adjustment and finding their way to the finish line to a standing ovation. Jeff was adamant they were not lost, just grabbing a well earnt beer stop along the way!
From there the scores were tallied, again to several objections, and the winners determined.
Prize winners were Paul and Pasca Foley with a coveted 1st Place and near perfect score, Davorin and Ingrid Grgurich in a commendable second place with Greg and Irene Smith rounding off the entire field in last place
Discussion for the remainder of the day was centred on a reflection of the day's events, the correct answers/interpretation of the run sheet, and where we went wrong. It was a brilliant day and despite the numerous in car conflicts during the cruise, differences were put aside to enjoy the afternoon with friends surrounded by our beautiful cars. Thanks again Rossco and assistants, and well done to all who took part. We look forward to next year all a little wiser!

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