Hire Car

The Mustang Owners Club of WA regularly get requests from people wanting to hire a Mustang for special events.

We have had discussions with the Passenger Services On-Road Compliance Team from the Department of Transport and the short answer is it is illegal for a person who does not hold the appropriate permits and licences to carry people for hire or reward in a car that is not registered for such events.

The Mustang Owners Club of WA does not have any club members who hold these permits or licences to ferry people in their Mustangs. More information is available from the Transport website:


As much as the Mustang Owners Club of WA would like to help we will not expose our club, club members or the  public to any litigation. You may wish to contact one of the exotic car hire/sales companies who may have something suitable.

We empathise with your position hopefully you can find a suitable car through other sources.

Good luck and best wishes.

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