Willow Ponds Coffee/Breakfast Cruise - Sunday 17th September 2017

We had a small but enthusiastic turn out for the Willow Ponds cruise. We met at the park in Taylor street Perth and set off soon after 7.30am. Ringo led the way and took the group on a bit of a mystery tour through the back streets before arriving about 40 minutes later at Willow Ponds for coffee and breakfast. There were seven cars in the cruise and 10 people. Dave Ludlow met the group at Willow Ponds with his mate Duncan and brought his '65 convertible which drew admiring looks from everyone. Paul White had his new convertible along for its first cruise, a clear upgrade from his Mercedes and not at all to be confused with a hairdresser's car! There was a bit of talk about kilowatts (should have been horsepower) with Paul noting that the four cylinder puts out 233, far greater than 1980's v8's. My 1966 A code produced 225 horsepower (ie 168 kilowatts) and was considered a performance model at the time. Clearly things have changed a lot over 50 years!
There was plenty of conversation and good coffee, necessary after a pretty early start on a Sunday morning. It might have been a bit early for those who had a late night but well worth it for clear roads, good company and food.
Thanks to Ringo for organising the cruise and great to see his family join us at Willow Pond for breakfast.
Keep an eye out for the future events and hope to see you there.
Paul Gold

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