1At our November meeting we were honoured to have Doug and Sandra from the Mustang Owners Club Great Britain join us at the meeting. MOCWA presented them with a Club jacket and cap as a memento of their visit to us.
Below is a response that Doug and Sandra forwarded to the Club:

“Earlier this year I contacted your club to see if there were any meetings we could come to while we were in Australia.
Lyn McDonough replied and said her and Brian would sort something , well we didn’t expect what happened
Brian picked us up in his 65 Convertible took us to his house showed us his cars etc then drove us to your club meet at Pro Automotive Performance.
We had a great night and were overwhelmed at the reception we got, it was fantastic and all the people were great.
It was a meet at a Dyno testing site and all your cars were fantastic , helps having not much rain ours have rust problems.
We were presented with some Mustang club goodies, and had a great welcome , saw some great cars. I have had
662 GT./69 fastback / 71 Mach1/ 73 Mach 1/ and saw some of these there and got to sit in a Mach 1 red had to be!
We brought some GB Mustang club goodies over and
next year you be able to put them towards the club and the Nationals. This is my first visit to Australia and you all have made
It so good for us. I am 75 now and had Mustangs since the late 60s then no clubs/mags/ internet/ and spares were hard to get.
Thanks again everyone for your welcome and hope to meet up again next year ( I will save up)
Kind regards
Doug and Sandra”